The Warm Toes Movement

The Warm Toes Movement

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The sting of chilly winter days can leave your toesies wanting to get back inside where it’s toasty. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures—even in the right winter gear—can lead to frostbite in the outer extremities like fingers and toes. Most of us are fortunate enough to have a warm place to call home, but for our more vulnerable community members who don’t, Edmonton/Albertan/Canadian winters can be brutal.

And that’s why Top Socks is partnering with Boyle Street Community Services, an Edmonton organization dedicated to supporting people experiencing homelessness and poverty. Our friends at Boyle told us that frostbite and cold exposure are amongst the most challenging issues they face every year.

One of the most pressing needs for their community members is having appropriate layers to beat the below-freezing temperatures. They distribute over 250 pairs of socks each month and are always in need of more. 

Working alongside Boyle Street, Top Socks is proud to provide a thick, warm, reinforced-toe and -heel sport sock to distribute to those in need. And this is where you can help! For every 10 pairs of socks sold, we will donate a pair to Boyle Street. We call that a wintery win-win!