Bamboo socks

Bamboo socks

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      Yep, you read it right. Bamboo Socks.

      Why you should give Bamboo Socks a Shot!

      1. Bamboo is sustainable - It grows quickly and once cut a network of roots produces new plants. Bamboo grows well in marginal soil, doesn't need irrigation or fertilizer to grow, and needs no pesticide to flourish.

      2. The socks are softer -Viscose fibers are silk-like in softness so much softer than any cotton product and many synthetic materials on the market.

      3. Less moisture, less odor - Bamboo absorbs 4 times more moisture than cotton socks!

      4. Bamboo is temperature flexible! - Bamboo fibers are thermo-regulating. Essentially, they act to maintain a regular temperature. The socks will breath in the summer to keep your feet cool and maintain a degree of heat in the winter so you stay warm.

      5. Your feet will thank you. - Your welcome.

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